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Building the Base based from Its Base


I wonder what to write… There I knew, it’s about a Base:

NOUN 1. The lowest part or edge of something, especially the part on which it rests or is supported; 2. A conceptual structure or entity on which something draws or depends; 3. A place used as a centre of operations by the armed forces or others as a headquarters; 4. A main or important element or ingredient to which other things are added; 5. Chemistry: A substance capable of reacting with an acid to form a salt and water, or (more broadly) accepting or neutralizing hydrogen ions; 6. Electronics: The middle part of a bipolar transistor, separating the emitter from the collector; 7. Linguistics: The root or stem of a word or derivative; 8. Mathematics: A number used as the basis of a numeration scale; 9. Baseball: Each of the four stations that must be reached in turn to score a run.

VERB 1. Use (something specified) as the foundation or stating point for something; 2. Situate at a specified place as the centre of operations.

(Source: Oxford Dictionary)

From the definition above, some of them are which are used as specific terminologies. Every existence cannot be described without a base neither would what I would like to discuss would too. Anything that is physical, mental, spiritual and non-existent has a foundation.

Try to imagine the Egyptian pyramids without the lowest and largest proportion, it won’t be a pyramid and it will not stand as one. You can’t sit in a chair without legs to support your weight while siting at a table or a desk. Without the understanding of a wheel, it’ll never become a vehicle. Myths which our ancestors past down to our generations filled tales of wonders and mysteries may had some origin to truth from their time. Although there are many detail to describe, main topic is most crucial detail should never be missed.

In all understanding, every building block become realistic and imaginative; therefore infinite potential can occurs. A proper base will maintain all elements of which are organic and man-made material created. Every system and subject that is known also function with a center.

Where to begin, I thought and ask myself about what is the base and what to base on. Ironically, I need to use a base. This is where you get to know where I, Igniza will identify herself as. My main aspects are of sciences, philosophy, spirituality, language, literature and such. There may be other topics that could expand my wisdom and become another base.

Perhaps my bases will become yours as you read this. As I construct the pillars of my growing knowledge that I share, they would someday be supporting your pillars. Not only mine, browsing other sources and individuals can benefit the everlasting wonder to be found like hidden treasure.

As I know, the mind is the base in which that humankind is gifted with. It is unlimited and endless in time. It elevates the possibility unfolding our future.

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

3 thoughts on “Building the Base based from Its Base

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