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To sort Assorting the Assortments

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So much to do. So much to know. So much to learn. And so much to write. I have to Assort the Assortments I need to say for this.


VERB 1. [no object] Genetics: (Of gene or characters) become distributed among cells or progeny; 2. [with object] archaic:  place in a group; classify.


NOUN A miscellaneous collection of things or people.

(Source: Oxford Dictionary)

I found that we have already assorted ourselves and that we exist as an infinite assortment. We each have an identity which kept us apart but we live under the same sky which lights and darkens our time. Every place and time given even temper our influences and personas.

Like a box of chocolate, we all have preferences of sweetness. Individually we may or may not share the same taste. If I were to choose blindly for any group, I choose the assorted ones. Instead of being selfish or trying to be considerate, I believe it is easier.

However if no one does like sweets, perhaps someone prefer something salty, sour, bitter or spicy. Some could like a blend of sweetness or not. Sometimes, the one category you know isn’t the answer; so venture off into numerous possibility could be worth it. Tendencies may be either be vague or specific so, you may be warned.

Learning how to adjust and such, your assortments will vary extensively. You will not only learn but also apply that profoundness you discover.

In all basics, we have elements. Diversity is based on all the elements combined. The blends differ and then transmute into their own content(s). We call them “different” due to each of our experience. Some can be refer to as “unique” or “special” because it specifically stands out. For others, it is considered either usual or unusual.

Understandably everything stands apart from anything similar. The same things has its own entity within a time and space. Like an assembly line of objects or simply a pen you write with; there are many of them from stores and they’re all the same. You bought one of the many, that object itself sets itself apart from the others. Its entity is apart of your own which can never be replaced.

As people, we each have affiliations with families, friends and from other groups of from schools to workplaces to religion and such. We tie each one somehow like a web that weaves into another web. It then becomes a net. We capture a great portion that creates a world that we know; and then it is then the universe that everything else know.

The world that I know is mine and it belongs to one only, it’s already extending to yours. Yours alone is intertwined with others. We are now apart of that assortment which we unconsciously collect which is a necessary and unknown vitality. It is the experience to assort and then we sort what makes us a person and as one.

I hope as Igniza, you know that  my flame will continue to burn brighter cause of those assortments which fuels and ignite….

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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