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The Word, I

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Please and firstly, do not be confused with my writing. As I write I, I do refer myself. Coincidentally though Igniza does start with the letter I, I though it was funny. And remember that the word, “I” is the topic.

Do not be deceived. As “I” should be carefully identified and never overlooked.

It might be a single letter, there is more than that. It is a matter of power and acknowledgment. There is hidden formality and self-respect. Yet also more importantly, true of self.

“I”, which I believe to be is a representation (plus possibly an abbreviation) of the word, “individual” or “identity”. “I” is itself. “I” is a symbol of an individual character.

Now, you should say “I”. Once you say it loudly and declare it to yourself, tell me? Did you feel what it is? Did you feel who you are? The expressed the dignity, the pride, and the understanding of existence you have.

“I have a dream.” quoted by Martin Luther King Jr. is a fine example. This fine speech he declared with “I”. It is small and simple, but it gleams as a great testimony so strongly that it shows his will and leadership among all others. Because of “I”, the one person stands among others in its time as Martin Luther King Jr. did at his.

I am very sure there are other examples but, I do not have much knowledge on many influential figures or ever interested in them. Any refined spokesperson should know this and how to. The projections in using the intonations of “I” created those unknowing boundaries of the people to be broken by one word with a voice. Not only men, women too can use “I” due to the non-restricted use by gender. “I am a woman.” is another statement that cannot be strongly argued and empowered motivation for all the females alike. The embodied two words “I do.” is the solemn act to your significant other as you vow at the altar. Many of the “I” sentences, including the short ones has an essence upon something.

However, there are other countries and cultures with different forms of “I”. Such as Japanese language where there are at least 2 different masculine expression of “I” and 1 neutral which is usually used by females. Japanese language has a complex demonstration of addressing self and even towards other people in particular patterns. Some customs has or had people where they don’t refer themselves as “I” or it doesn’t exist in their language. There are places where people only call by their own name or something else such as a title or rank. (This might be another thing I will talk about this another time.)

I do think that our daily conversation, we never excludes “I”; in English that is. But then “I” can influence heavily on one person’s attitude. “I” could be a use and sign of arrogance of one person if they spoken too loudly or even too soon. If you say “I” in a soft voice, it can show weakness and how small you are. The use of “I” can be a double-edged sword of yourself and others.

The infinite and universal use of “I” will never tarnish.”I” is a verbal sensation that can reach the inner selves. The movement of using “I” can become gentle or even exciting, it will depend on how, where and when.

I thought to myself as a realization as how strong one word can do. It can change you if you can apply it correctly. Just be careful. It could become an epiphany or destruction.

I and I do mean I as Igniza hope that those who reads this will find the strength of our voices or even the sign that can serve to be the tool of who you are. The word, is always there for you.

I know, because of I.

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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