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0 is Zero. Zero to None

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Before we count, we start with one (1). Nothing more or less.

But what is before 1? It is zero.


CARDINAL NUMBER 1. No quantity or number; nought; the figure 0; 1.1 A point on a scale or instrument from which a positive or negative quantity is reckoned. 1.2 The temperature corresponding to 0° on the Celsius scale (32° Fahrenheit), marking the freezing point of water; 1.3 Linguistics The absence of an actual word or morpheme to realize a syntactic or morphological phenomenon; 1.4 The lowest possible amount or level; nothing at all; 1.5 short for zero hour; Informal A worthless or contemptibly undistinguished person.

VERB [with object] 1. Adjust (an instrument) to zero; 2. Set the sights of (a gun) for firing.

(Source from Oxford Dictionary)

0 is zero. 0 is the numeral symbol of zero.

But, do you see anything or nothing?

It is both. It represents nothing or even worse, worthless or useless. But it is also anything and it is something. It would not be, otherwise I wouldn’t mention this.

Without zero, the numbers one, two, three and so on would not exist. Such as we score points in a game, this is where we began with.

If you look at 0 which is the symbol of zero, it looks like a circle. Within this roundness, there is nothing in it like an empty glass. You need to pour a liquid or some sort into it in order to fill it. After you drink it, it is gone. It is left without again.

Even before I write, there is a white page. Not a word yet. An idea that comes or not. Either I have it or none. On the contrary, this is the idea. I love how the irony came about because it is zero. I was null and now awe of zero’s existence. Funny to say is that I practically “zeroed” myself to the point of zero. The little strange ambiguity had its sole goal to my amusement.

Because of zero, it is a fact that I will remember this. I hope as anyone reads this will agree of its underlying purpose. The becoming of the wholeness to the nothingness.

Zero is a unique number. Without its own quantity or measurement, it has and is in the best of its worlds. It is neither positive or negative. The absolute gray line of all the numerals.

The absence due to a number with no value will be a reminder that its meaning is not meaningless. The availability is meant to be fulfilled. The ambition to gain, is zero to none.

If you got a zero or if you consider yourself to be a zero, do something for that zero. The belittling stigma is to become greater. It will not or ever be less.

Never lose because of zero.

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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