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Motioning the Motion & Emotions

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Everything moves.

Every being and system has its own movement in accordance. Everything participate as an ongoing ensemble. Each thing has a role to play in a never-ending story.

With movement, things are happening but what you cannot see is the feel of emotion.

I motion my hands to write what I feel. I do hope my inputted emotions in words can be motioned into you.


NOUN 1. The action or process of moving or being moved; 1.1 A gesture; 1.2 A piece of moving mechanism; 2. A formal proposal put to a legislature or committee; 2.1 Law: An application for a rule or order of court.

VERB 1. [with object] Direct or command (someone) with a movement  of the hand or head; 2. [no object] Make a proposal in a deliberate or legislative body.


NOUN 1. A natural instinctive state of mind driving from one’s circumstances, mood or relationships with others; 1.1 Instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge.

(Source from Oxford Dictionary)

We as animate beings, we move about as we wish. We can walk or picking up objects, and more than just capable to learn, inspire, invent, provide and perform many complex tasks. Even so and etcetera, we can convey for others.

We are often impressed by the actions of what happens, especially if we can see it. We can think before we could move but, how we feel isn’t all that simple. Understand that action shows a person’s capability, but we cannot know what another is feeling while doing so. Like a workplace, you do not have much of a choice. There are times when expressions are necessary although it is not what we are feeling.

Emotions are becoming more complex than we realized they are. It’s more than just a “fight or flight” situation.

An act of anger. An act of kindness. An act of sadness. An act of forgiveness. Even acts of hate and love. All of these are better said than done. But in doing so, they are all acts of being human. It is more than to survive, it is a way to live.

The whatever and whenever things we do, a facial movement like a smile can brighter than the sun. A polite gesture can remark a better day or good memory. The thoughts that implies on these small motions is the unseen pixie dust that glitters the air.

However bigger motions like a dance is a ritual of projection. Birds are great examples such as Peacocks and Birds of Paradise; they use feathers of their wings and tail, and even gather to build a nest to attract a mate. It is almost no different to humans who are soul searching.

It is the art of movement and yet different forms can charm any variety of audience. Just like a chemical reaction, someone could agree or not. Some unnoticed. You could show more or less, or choose between fast to slow; you can never guess because there will always be an effect. Many emotions are randomly varied.

We can do anything. All the decisions has right and wrong. In doing all the ones we feel is good, is better than doing wrong.

Emotion is unwavering because it is motion from the inside. From the Latin word emovere, the letter “E”- + the word “motion” is literally “expression with motion”.

You could always start by walking a step, you will see.

Doing what you feel is a bliss.

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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