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Being Nervous, Explained by The Nerve of It


We have something to say and it is not always good. Yet, we couldn’t because we are nervous.

Well…I do have something to say. I have often felt nervous in numerous situations. There were times I get a writer’s block when I do feel nervous. I would be pressured to not be able to write something I like or want, or that I haven’t proof-read my work, or that people are judgmental. Perhaps as you read this, you could sympathize with me. At this moment as I am writing, I am nervous. I am using the thoughts of my insecurities and so on that drove myself into doing so now.


NOUN 1. A whitish fibre or bundles of fibres in the body that transmits impulses of sensation to the brain or spinal cord, and impulses from these to the muscles and organs; 2. (one’s nerve or one’s nerves) One’s steadiness and courage in a demanding situation; 3. (nerves) Feelings of nervousness; 4. [mass noun] informal Impudence or audacity; 5. Botany  A prominent unbranched rib in a leaf, especially in the midrib of the leaf of a moss.

VERB Brace oneself mentally to face a demanding situation.


ADJECTIVE 1. Easily agitated or alarmed; 1.1 Anxious or apprehensive; 1.2 (Of a feeling or reaction) resulting from anxiety or anticipation; 2. Relating to or affecting the nerves.

(Source from Oxford Dictionary)

Every trait is unique which creates a character. Nervousness is common, that can be specified and can vary from person to person.

Some of these fears are considered irrational and maybe serious phobias. Clinically given, it could be called anxiety disorders or mental issues. Insanity is one that is usually incurable and yet we shouldn’t blame them to be who they are.

A nerve or nerves are cells in your body that messages your brain that is called a nervous system. It responds to pain, danger and natural impulses. The mind itself is connected to its entire body.

The nerves can always kick in. To be afraid is normal. The natural reflexes and all sorts of reactions are made to confront or avoid. It is the natural “fight versus flight” description that life presents.

When I relate to this, I think about the Cowardly Lion from “The Wizard of Oz”. This silly beast may seem absurd because a lion is supposed to be ‘the king of the jungle’ or ‘the most bravest and majestic creature on Earth’, yet he plays an important role. Although he is afraid of everything, there is still a little part of him that carried him through the story and gained his “courage”.

It is bad enough to have unpleasant experiences but, it makes a somebody who he or she is. It directs the choices and the destiny where it takes them. It is our decision to become someone who we desire to be. Whether if its for ourselves or others, it is progress. We have to learn to confront those obstacles.

Being nervous, could be a good thing. It is a shaky feeling. You toss and turn. Perhaps runaway as well. Maybe burst with happiness or even panic. Anticipation and suspense. If you were to confess your sins or even a declaration of love, it is another step of self-improvement. There will be no gain without a risk.

You can always convert nervousness into confidence. There is always a time and place, but only if you are willing to. The choice of being brave is always in front of you.

As a person, I am introverted and reserved by nature. I do want to do brave things as they come but, I often get prevented in doing so for all the reasons. Sharing my writing is a valiant effort for me. I am content that there are people such as yourselves are reading this or any of my past blogs. I have hopes that I will become stronger, and so do you.

You can be a woman’s knight or a Joan of Arc. You can be today’s victor. Become someone’s memory for something that is an impact to remember by. It’s called being a hero or being proactive.

There is a moment of everything. The moments could be taken from you but, it can’t stop you. All you have to do is make them. Remember that nothing waits for you. There is hope.

Nothing is stronger than breaking a fear. Nothing is better than becoming a better person.

Become who you want to be, not become what you are.

Just pick a nerve!

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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  1. Great post I’m glad I stumbled across this!



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