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Hang the Phrases with “Hang” and “Hanging”

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It is now over 20 blogs, I held myself together. I don’t want to say “hanging in”. And figuratively speaking of which, I think is better described.

It is funny that after listening to a song, I am actually writing this. Music has always been therapeutic and the lyrics had reminded me of some past experiences or unknown wonders that is carried within. Then this particular one I was listening to is “Who’s Loving You” by the Jackson 5. R.I.P to Michael Jackson. As I hear the lyrics goes, “Don’t you know I sit around, with my head hanging down…” the inspire just came in. I am literally sitting and just thought of what I felt; it plays the words in my head as my body throbs. And then later with some real life events that happened and talked with a good friend of mine, this is what I realized.


VERB (past and past participle hung /hʌŋ/ except in sense 2)

1. Suspend or be suspended from above with the lower part dangling free; 1.1 Attach or be attached to a hook on a wall; 1.2 (be hung with) Be adorned with (pictures or other decorations) 1.3 Attach or be attached so as to allow free movement about the point of attachment; 1.4 [with object] Attach (meat or game) to a hook and leave it until dry, tender, or high; 1.5 [no object, with adverbial] (Of fabric or a garment) fall or drape from a fixed point in a specified way; 1.6 [with object] Paste (wallpaper) to a wall.

2.(past and past participle hanged) [with object] Kill (someone) by tying a rope attached from above around their neck and removing the support from beneath them (often used as a form of capital punishment) 2.1 [no object] Be killed by hanging; 2.2 dated Used in expressions as a mild oath; 3. [no object, with adverbial of place] Remain static in the air; 3.1 Be present or imminent, especially oppressively or threateningly; 4. Computing Come or cause to come unexpectedly to a state in which no further operations can be carried out; 5. [with object] Baseball Deliver (a pitch) which does not change direction and is easily hit by a batter; 6. North American informal way of saying.

NOUN [in singular] 1. A downward droop or bend; 1.1 The way in which something hangs; 1.2 The way in which pictures are displayed in an exhibition.


NOUN 1. [mass noun] The practice of hanging condemned people as a form of capital punishment; 2. A decorative piece of fabric or curtain hung on the wall of a room or around a bed.

ADJECTIVE [attributive] 1. Suspended in the air; 1.1 Situated or designed so as to appear to hang down.

(Source from Oxford Dictionary)

I thought about it with the definitions. Then we have phrases such as “hanging in/on” or “hang up/down/on”, my attention to these words I find depressing…

When things seems wrong, life seems empty. It just left your heart wondering then, it haunts you like a ghost. It became silent because you ask why and nothing answers back. To feel what is bad invites those unwanted feelings. Sorrows of lost. Untold regrets. All of those could never be triumphed. But all of this is because of something.

The solution is very simple. From how you look at things, it can and will change how you see things. There is a choice where you eyes or how your head is angled.

By hanging your head down, you think deeply. You wonder to yourself. You think of the things you would have done in the past; the mistakes that cannot be undone and what could of had a better outcome. If you are doing something, you might want to be bothered with anything. You concentrated so much that you forget everything around you. You looked upon yourself as the negatives succumb to you like the dark clouds and it weighs like a boulder. If you face the ground too much, you’ll be missing out on the beautiful and great things in this world.

If you hang your head up high above, you can look at the sky. In the daylight, it so blue where you can find clouds in infinite forms. You see the clouds can form; it can rain or snow. As the day turns to night, a clear night is filled with stars. You could notice that each day is a different day; the world can change; but your head won’t look down to Earth. You won’t be able to see the reality of things that are happening. Dreaming is good, but too much isn’t because it seemed delusional. You’ll be depending on the rarest miracles such as a rainbow or a shooting star; and then all of a sudden, time flies.

If you hang your head up in the middle, you can to look forward. You can see the people in front of you. The things that passes by and go to places. Your vision is a movie, an ongoing moving picture that never stops. You will know where you are going without ever looking back. There will be obstacles but, those are the challenges in life where you can avoid or confront.

No matter what sort of occurrence, you have to look beyond it. All it took is both patience and competence to do anything. The smallest adjustments can make the difference that one person needs.

“I am hanging on.” is a sentence that indicate that you are struggling. Telling someone “Hang in there” or “Hang tight” sounded vague; its almost as if someone is literally a dramatic and deadly situation where they’re just sitting down having a drink. These are just examples of excuses to not do anything about it.

This word, “hang” is meant for coats and such objects. And another thing that is disturbing is that “to hang” is equivalent term “to sin” or “suicide”. The worse of what a human could do is already following us like a stalking grim reaper. This is where one word can change things.

The little things do matter but, it matters more if you are going to do something about it.

I do hope that your “hanging” days would stop and then “hang” them. “Hang the phrases” if you will. Not just yourself, for others as well.

From there, you can move on. You’ll be steps ahead of where you desire to be.

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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