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We have weaknesses. And we have strengths.

“How to prolong?” is a good question. It is vital to know ourselves and how long to last.

One of the most common and greatest fear is how long can we live or when we die. Each of our vitality differs from one another and it cannot be determined. Our vitals will fade someday. Before that does, think about what is important? Or I should say the most important to learn and know that is vital.


ADJECTIVE 1. Absolutely necessary or important; essential; 1.1 Indispensable to the continuance of life. 2. Full of energy; lively; 3. Archaic Fatal.

NOUN 1. The body’s important internal organs, especially the gut or the genitalia; 1.1 short for vital signs.


NOUN 1.1 The state of being strong and active; energy; 1.1 The power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.


NOUN (see Vitalize)


VERB [with object] Give strength and energy to

(Source from Oxford Dictionary)

A world is full of life. The Earth slowly rotates as there are so many functions and systems that within and surrounding each organism that walks, crawl, swims, flies and so on; therefore everything is continuous.

But as I said, there will be an end eventually. I am not an expert of any sort but, I want to remind people what is vital and the vital point of what I am saying.

In this modern age, we have been provided with unlimited sources. Almost everything is accessible and very often, we can forget what is the important essentials of needs. The most obvious and minor detail could be a major thing.

We and all other beings are built to be dependent on energy. In order to perform tasks, our bodies developed in taking the basic needs such as heat, oxygen, food, water. Yet, not everything and everyone function are the same. Some needs more or less of what another needs. Like plants, they uniquely rely on a process called photosynthesis to create a their own food source. All animals other than human has their own patterns to find food, mate and shelter in their own environment. Us humans, however do stand apart from all else.

What makes us different? It is how to choose to live.

Achieving your own vitalization is a long-term goal. Unconsciously, everyone does has destiny to control. It all depends on you on how far you desire to go. You can choose the healthy habits such as diet, exercise and positive motivation.

We ask each other about how long could something can last. The reminder of our essence doesn’t have a concluded expiration date; the future is a mystery. Reality arranged all the obstacles of life such as accidents, diseases, threats and many of the unknown occurrences. Some of us can hope to live and die with old age. Although there are many ways to live but each of us is one person. We each take our own lessons of life that we learn to vitalize. There is never a straight line to live the fullest as many of us would plan. There are people including us who may not be able to experience what they wish, but the best we could be still possible.

Depending on how we prioritize our values, the way to live is not difficult. What we learn and what makes one individual who he/she stands; the little contributions that creates the base. (Read Building the Base based from Its Base if you could). To find yourself is a vital strength and weakness that is a part of something bigger. The thing that you have can also be shared with many others who are similar to you; it then becomes a world. Perhaps then, you will play a vital part of that world.

We cannot live eternally, but what to accomplish is more worthwhile.

Look at what you need. Look for your vitals. They are what makes who you are. Once you do, you are one step closer to vitalization. The way that belongs to you.

Life is vital.

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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