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The Credits We Owe and The Credit That Deserves

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What do we deserve?

We think we deserve more. Sometimes less. Maybe we all do for the right or wrong reason.

How do we have to contribute? For what purpose and why? We have these questions of who of what of the sort should receive. It is rather opinionated.


NOUN 1. [mass noun] The ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future; 1.1 The money lent or borrowed under a credit arrangement; 2. An entry recording a sum received, listed on the right-hand side or column of an account; 2.1 A payment received; 2.2 [mass noun] Entitlement to a set amount of a particular company’s good or services, typically paid for in advance of use. 3. [mass noun] Public acknowledgement or praise, given or received when a person’s responsibility for an action or idea becomes apparent; 3.1 [in singular] A source of pride; 3.2 [count noun] An item in a list displayed at the beginning or end of a film or television programme, acknowledging a contributor’s role; 4. [mass noun] North American The acknowledgement of a student’s completion of a course or activity that counts towards a degree or diploma as maintained in a school’s records; 4.1 [count noun] A unit of study counting towards a degree or diploma; 4.2 [count noun] British A grade above a pass in an examination; 4.3 Acknowledgement of merit in an examination which is reflected in marks awarded; 5. [mass noun] archaic The quality of being believed or credited; 5.1 Good reputation.

VERB [with object] 1. Publicly acknowledge a contributor’s role in the production of (something published or broadcast); 1.1 (credit someone with) Ascribe (an achievement or good quality) to someone; 2. Add (an amount of money) to an account; 3. [often with modal] British Believe (something surprising or unlikely).

(Source from Oxford Dictionary)

I do feel that this word, credit is somewhat misunderstood. We could could be blindly selfish and it is somewhat normal. Often enough, we want to showing that we have more is more. From my understanding, we all have an individual daily need to earn and gain. We live to compete and to claim. This world runs with people but people depends on the world primarily for money and merit is secondary.

We think of credit as a sort of commodity or achievement.

Some think about credit like when you use a credit card, there is currency that is transacted to the amounts of what we spent, and then later paid back in order to have a better credit record and accumulate a portion for rewards.

Or something we can boast with or by (from what I understand that we all egos, who wouldn’t want to “show off”) because you are so-called important person of a certain cause. Nothing is insignificant, but it is significant to be recognized. You have people or a history to prove yourself worthy of something. It could take hard work, ambition and dedication to be where and who you desire to be.

I am very sure that everyone has seen a movie; but not many people stays after watching a movie and acknowledge the credit scenes. After the final scene, you see every persons’ name because they each did something to create something great into an alternate reality. The people who in the background are film directors, producers, cameramen, sound recorders, makeup artists, technicians, etc. The actors are always supported with the staff behind the camera but never in the spotlight. It’s no wonder that some movies such as the ones with Marvel heroes have a small cutscene after the credit scene.

It is normal to want more, but in order to do so is doing something worthwhile. You may never know, just try. It is almost like attending school and you are being graded for everything you do. You can try to be involved with a hobby or be in an organization. The more you experience, the more you know; and the people who are apart of it, they will also know how much are a part of theirs (look into Commute to Communicate with the Community for reference of this). If you do so, you got the credit you could have and that will be an asset of you.

You may never know it. As I say, to try makes all the difference. Like I did, I am hoping what I am writing will be the something that becomes a credit of my own accomplishments. I give credit to the people who taught me this knowledge which led me to where I am today.

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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