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The Word, Quixotic

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Quixotic is out of this world.

Its meaning is “exceedingly idealistic, unrealistic, and impractical” (from Oxford dictionary). It is unique. It is exotic. It is all in one word that it lingers questions and underlying contradictions.

This word came from the Spanish novel called ‘Don Quixote’. Although I didn’t read the book, one day I will if… But I did look up and stood beside the monument in Madrid once.  A story about a man with the obsessions of chivalry and falls in demise like any so-called hero would.

Many of us, the same false knights like Don Quixote still reappears throughout our history and present. Our compelled ideas and reckless courage for change. The fight for the greater good against the surrounding lurking evil. They battle until they fall to uncertainty or success. We want the ideal, the fantasy, the impossible and all those non-existent to come true; whether it could, it doesn’t mean it can. Some are in vain. The ones that survives are awaiting as they remain. The few are true, they become reality.

We cannot promise everything but a future can be promised. No matter, the future can still be shaped into what could be possible. If not, then what’s quixotic if it doesn’t exist. We already made it happen. Like the so-called “a library in your hand” that never existed until we have a smartphone. “Messages that can be heard from afar”, we now have telecommunication. “Light that doesn’t use fire” is electric light bulbs, thanks to Thomas Edison. All it takes is an inventor to engineer the imagination.Our past quixotic nonsense became today and so forth.

We might think that while others think it is quixotic. It makes us outcasts, heretics, the delusional or even rebels. However, we are not alone (look into Commute to Communicate with the Community for reference).

As the world turns, there will still be a change. Our eras do not stay, they evolve as we do too. We now live in one where the quixotic things flourished ever more than it had.

You can stay hopeful or get adventurous to do something. All it took is a thought no less. An idea is more. Being quixotic is just the beginning…

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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