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Define “Word”, From Word To Word

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Every word has a meaning. Word has it.

It is what we say. But have you ever thought of the words you said before they rolled off your tongue?

No word can never be meaningless.


NOUN 1. A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown within a space on either side when written or printed; 1.1 A single distinct conceptual unit of language, comprising inflected and variant forms. 1.2 (usually words) Something spoken or written; a remark or statement; 1.3 [with negative] (a word) Even the smallest amount of something.spoken or written; 1.4 (words) Angry talk; 1.5 [mass noun] Speech as distinct from action.

2. A command, password, or signal; 2.1 [mass noun] Communication; news; 3. (one’s word) One’s account of the truth, especially when it differs from that of another person; 3.1 A promise or assurance; 4. (words) The text or spoken part of a play, opera or other performed piece; a script; 5. A basic unit of data in a computer, typically 16 or 32 bits long.

VERB [with object] Express (something spoken or written) in particular.

EXCLAMATION informal Used to express agreement or affirmation.

(Source from Oxford Dictionary)

Words are the unseen and delicate things. You may not know, but they are powerful.

Everything that we say and hear are sounds of the images that you can imagine. The words are the building blocks of ideas of thought and invention. But as any creation, one mistake can make it fall apart.

Words can be pierce and be ever more lethal than any physical wound. They strike the deepest into the heart and soul. A sound can strike like thunder that makes you tremble.

A word can be taken for granted and be used carelessly. If you can’t utter a word correctly, it is worse than being a mute. The saying “words of wisdom” goes. They can be advice or warnings. You would never know what happens afterwards once you heard.

A word can promise. Once said, it couldn’t be taken back. Perhaps if you said that you “take them back”, but what is said is heard.

Say something. One word is enough to hear.

My word, isn’t it enough? Or maybe it could be more.

Many of words are of the many acts of action. They express of many ways that abstractly be described of any.

Funny as it sounds to me. I hear the words I said. I see the words I write. They vaguely describe but it made a general sense to me. I think words are amazing. To me, they’re like little gifts that I could ever want. As I write, they are just written speeches that I can use to preach. I couldn’t be more satisfied with just language alone.

Did these words reach somewhere or someone?

I do hope it has…

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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