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The Word, Nefarious

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Nefarious sounds evil.

From Latin form of its’ is called “nefas”; the sin or the violation of the divine law. “Nefar” means wrong.

It is an adjective for any evil doers. It described as wicked or villainous. It can be anyone or something worse than bad.

Evil, there is too many in this world. Whatever is nefarious are the shapeshifters that takes form of malice or of our own fears.

The forces against us can be dark, corrupted or ever more vile. It is unpleasant as they crept and crawl into our lives. They hung over like the gloomy clouds over your head. And the things we strive through these obstacles of all sorts. We struggle physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; yet we are still challenged. It is called life, reality or just hell.

It is not a crime to know this word, but knowing this word is perfect for such a case. Many of us are victims of whatever chaos that comes; but even if we are in our desperate need of help, there are never enough saviors to save us. However, some of us can still hope.

When there is bad, there is good. It is no different than comparing black and white. Knowing and comparing is the first step. Judge what is right or wrong. The next is to find the right knowledge and equipment, you can defend yourself and protect others. Imagine what evil you’ll face, what weapon you use and what do you wish to save.

For every person, our personal demons are similar but not the same. I am no exception as well. I know I am not a fighter with any animosity but, I am a supporter. No matter how nefarious the world can be, there will always be another day and another light. There will be always be another way.

Nefarious is a word to call the evil. I use this word not just to be defined and acknowledged. I chose this as a sort of weapon to declare against my own evil and maybe yours.

Before you know exactly what is nefarious, what would you do against it?

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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