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What to write… I don’t feel inspired, but I ended up getting a random thought somehow.

This time, this just occurred to me. The word that often is described to my mind is called “stalemate”.

Ironically, I’m not. As I continue, it’s worth sharing.

A stalemate is when you cannot make a move or any progress where you are. It is not a struggle, it is just the state of the mind.

It could also involve someone else in your own party or of the opposing. Like any sort of group, there are mixed argument and agreement in anything. People can sometimes never concluding to one or the same thing.

Although we can’t always do anything in some situations but there solutions how to solve them. There are at least 3 choices if a stalemate were to ever occur (and I do think it applies to any life situation).

  1. Persistence. You could try to persuade yourself or others of whatever if it is worth.
  2. Surrender. You could give up if you feel there is never a choice or option only because.
  3. Dictate Fairness. You could make a compromise to create a balance of things.

We can all relate and then ended up within the 3 choices above. However, there is another way.

I would just choose 1 of the 3 choices and then there would be a fourth choice. ‘Number 4’ is after choosing one of the three, it is then”to advancing away from the stalemate”.

Simply, not thinking where something could lead can become misleading. You can be keep choosing, but it doesn’t always mean that the state of where you are can improve.

It is like a game of winning, losing or draws on either sides. Of course you want to win and not lose. If it’s a draw, you must be lucky. Yet, there is always another and different game.

To me, a stalemate is just a place where an action is waiting to be made. When there is an opportunity to move, it is another step away from a stalemate.

See where this writing has took me, I already had stepped away from one. I tried and I had found the fourth choice I need to get inspired.

Many more will come after this…That I know.

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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