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The many Pictures of What is Pictured in One Whole Picture

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Did you get the picture? This is just a title alone. It’s probably hard to imagine so. However, this is a remark that could be almost obvious to understand.

To me, “picture” is a flexible terminology of use to describe something.


NOUN 1. A painting or drawing; 1.1 A Photograph; 1.2 A portrait; 1.3 An image on a television screen; 1.4 A cinema film; 1.5 The cinema. 2. An impression of something formed from a description. 3. archaic A person or thing resembling another closely.

VERB [with object] 1. Represent in a photograph or picture; 1.1 Describe in a certain way; 1.2 Form a mental image of.

(Source from Oxford Dictionary)

Pictures are taken. Picture and point taken.
We often see a variations of physical pictures such as photos we see, drawings of all kinds and films illuminated in motion. These things are considered art, entertainment or even mementos of the past.

Our discoveries of the prehistoric cave paintings are still breathtaking. What the past left behind is beyond timeless. Although it is not all known of their existence; but because they’re somehow preserved to today, such artwork is a unparalleled piece of history of man. We can never go back in time like Marty McFly but, we can always observe from the present we live in. One picture is already a fragment of our timeline. Look to Captivate But Never Truly Captured is an example that pictures are meant to look back. Cherish the memories of what was then and looking back within the present. Even photographers try to grasp and capture of what is indescribable. What we see is just another part of a fragment of an incomplete segment.

If you read Envision Your Vision for the Visual, you’d understand that what is visual gives away more hints. What you see is what you see. This is my picture. In all of my past posts, I do not use any images of any sort. I like to speak through my writing in words alone. Every word draw the lines of the picture I wish to convey. However, what you think cannot be the same as I thought. To picture something of what could be something else. We are not mind-readers. It’s understandable. Yet, the problem lies what and how it can be perceived as.

Picture-perfect. That is a very flawed idea in which many perfectionists are deeply trouble. Expectations to be meet, but never perfect. An image you wish to be but, never accomplished. Some who thought they had, are currently living in ever-going bliss of denial.

One woman can look in a magazine and finds an ad. It’s from there that she saw a beautiful model posing. The woman might have thought, “She has a face.” “She has a body.” She has everything you have that this woman who sees her wants. Then she look at herself and thought, “I’m not like her.” “I want to be like her.”

And there is a man who sees a mirror. He admires the reflection he sees of himself. Then he takes a number of selfies. From different angle, lighting, poses. Dozens then hundreds of pictures within a three-hour span. And yet no matter how many times it’s been taken, he thought to himself and said,”It’s not good enough.”

From these words are drawing a vague pictures of what is happening to two individuals. You don’t have to guess. Those are mental images that becomes an idea. Within this idea, is the problem of an idea (if you can understand this play-on-words). These thoughts can become negative representations of what the mind can do. It produces anxiety, jealousy, depression, narcissism, self-loathing and more unthinkable consequences of what anyone could do or be in.

We have something to think about with what I desire to describe. One person and one blog isn’t enough to fill it the one picture. Sometimes one photo isn’t either.

Maybe you thought of it in a different version from what I perceived. It doesn’t have to be the same because as individuals, our beliefs and experience makes all difference.

We can never be sure. But as long as we hold and share of what we believe in, what we hope to see can be more than just a reality.

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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