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Explain Genesis and Genetics, The Genes and The Genus

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Genesis is the beginning. Like the Bible, it opens the first chapter of the Old Testaments which is called Genesis. Life emerged and its’ open possibilities. We are supposedly came from Adam and Eve and some are ingrained to believe so; yet science begs to differ.

Our science reveals that we all living being including us share together are genetics. The genes is embedded deeply within us in which each cell contains DNA. One strain of DNA is a piece of what creates a being and what makes up one organism.

Just think of a hair, it is so small but it actually stands out because it is apart of you. As an individual, our genes make who we are and it made a unique being.


NOUN Biology 1. (In informal use) a unit of heredity that is transferred from a parent to offspring and is held to determine some characteristic of the offspring; 1.1 (In technical use) a distinct sequence of nucleotides forming part of a chromosome, the order of which determines the order of monomers in a polypeptide or nucleic acid molecule which a cell (or virus) may synthesize.


NOUN [in singular] The origin or mode of formation of something.

“The first book of the Bible, which includes the stories of the creation of the world, Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel, and the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.”


PLURAL NOUN 1. [treated as singular] The study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics; 1.1 [treated as singular or plural] The genetic properties or features of an organism, characteristic.


NOUN – Biology 1. A principal taxonomic category that ranks above species and below family, and is denoted by a capitalized Latin name, e.g., Leo; 1.1 (In philosophical and general use) a class of things that have common characteristics and that can be divided into subordinate kinds.

(Source from Oxford Dictionary)

We think of many millenniums of the past of how all plants, animals including us came to be. Many of our scientists dug our Earth to discovered what is before us. It intrigued and questioned our origins which is yet to be answered. One of the more modern methods is by examining the collected samples of DNA and to compare what we have today.

I think of it that somehow the somewhere long ago that our genesis lie inside everything and everyone. We started as creatures of its own only lived and thrived. Then soon a pair which is one kind similar to another is needed to breed to become single species. A pair is then becoming different groups. They diversify into what we call a pack, a flock, a herd, a pod, or so on with its own classification; as many creatures were then branched from one genus to be categorized due to their unique traits or certain events that had happened. As the cycles of life repeatedly go into thousands of years, species are then diverged from each other. Although all forms of life had been separated from one another, their genetics does not sway them away their genus.

As humans, we are a sort that has united throughout the world. Unlike other known species, we know more through communication in various and complex patterns. What we give and receive for each encounter is more than just shared knowledge which enabled us to be more advanced beings. It is all embedded inside our genes to be who we are which makes us probably the one of the most extraordinary on Earth.

I sometimes wonder why did we humans or Homo Sapiens exist in the first place. What about our distinctive species didn’t live to this day? And how our DNA contained today is our living proof of our standing existence? Our questions will remain unanswered.

Thanks to existing knowledge such as science, we learned through genetics through many breakthroughs that can ensures human longevity. And through it, we can learn more of ancient history in which still remained our unsolved mystery and perhaps our genesis. The beginning of what we might know is inconceivable.

Our genesis will be revealed somehow but through genes is just one link to this gigantic puzzle. Only a faction is only known.

I know that mine had already started before and after I was born and then came to be who I am today.

Author: Igniza

Just a freelanced and anonymous female writer with an oddity of interests and of such to write about.

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