Letters from Igniza

Convey Meaning within Symbols

About Igniza…

About Igniza….

Hmm…where to begin?

If you want a short answer, I am just particular. One with oddities of interests and things.

Please continue on reading this page if you want to know more.

~~~The Origin~~~

Igniza, as I mention and please look at my first blog Who is Igniza? if you had not read it. The name I created (which I hope to be firstly) a long time ago (probably two years or more from today).

The origin of the name came to me from the word “ignite”.


VERB 1. Catch fire or cause to catch fire; 1.1 [with object] Arouse or inflame (an emotion or situation)

(Source from Oxford Dictionary)

Simply because I wanted a creative name that started with an “I”. Also its synonyms such as “kindle”, “spark”, “excite”, etc, is where I thought of the name’s meaning.

There is another name which I found out later, Nisa means “woman” in Arabic. Instead of the letter “s” into a “z” to voice the consonant sound as stronger, bolder and unique. Therefore, the name was born between these two words as any word can be born from.

This is how Igniza was born to be as defined.

~~~The Writer~~~

A name is more than just an identity in mere letters. This name is a symbol to the people like yourselves who wish to discover; a certain person who wishes not just to be addressed by but, to be an entity to be known. I would characterize as:

I – Intelligent
G – Genuine
N – Noteworthy
I – Introspective
Z – Zealous
A – Ambiguous

I choose these traits to be those finer lines of Igniza. Each word of its own meaning; although it’s just a few words, there’s more behind them than you might think. I do hope you find yourself intrigued.

I believe that one word is enough to symbolize what I believe in. A name is a powerful thing to remember by as our histories has past notable heroes, wars and achievements. One word can save and change a life as long he/she will remember it.

Igniza in other words as I already defined before is “a woman with a kindle to light”. A fire in which is always nurtured by a woman to burn. In hopes that it will be brighter for others to follow. This flame embodies the wisdom to be the light of guidance.

You may be wondering why Igniza chose to be blogger. Perhaps not just any blogger, I could be anything. But then, this is a good time for anyone who would like to use a little imagination of who I am.

Am I young or old? Am I tall or short?

Do I have big eyes? or small ones?

Am I an artist? A bard? A scholar? An explorer? A scientist? Maybe none of these or all of them at once….

All these questions…I do like to use a shroud of mystery to make this be a little amusing. You may not know but a little tease wouldn’t hurt. But remember from the beginning, I already mention that I am a woman. This is already one piece of the puzzle.

I will not reveal my real identity because I want you to use a little imagination. The point I am making is that I only want to be viewed as how Igniza is described to be. Your abstract thoughts will be become a mirage as the light of my flame will reflect what you thought which becomes that illusion.

Who knows? I may surprise you, one day.

~~~The Mission~~~

From The Story of Adam in Islam, where Adam is the first human who named everything and the angels who overlooked Adam’s capacity of intelligence. We, as human are capable of to learn, reason, identify and choice which creates us to be individuals.

As I am known as Igniza, I encourage readers like yourselves to be engage of what I write/say because that is the mission. I do hope you read Building the Base based from Its Base. If not, please do. My main focus would be mainly based from my perspective of life using my linguistics background. I believe it is “linguistic semantics and pragmatism”. But as I mentioned from my post, I will apply that knowledge with a twist of language, literature, sciences, spirituality, philosophy, etc. The words I write will be versed to be meaningful and to show my insight of how to utilize them with life.

It is from one’s perspective point of view. It is mine alone, however you may choose to think its either disagreeable or not.

Many words which is described and Adam may supposedly only know it all. I desire to search the definition of each word that are known or unknown to me. Each word with ambiguity that can have a hidden agenda to be put into sentences to poems to paragraphs to pages to stories, essays, journals, thesis and even blogs. To not only extend and satisfy my wisdom, it is to share it among you.

Sounds are identified within symbols to be understood. I hope that I can ‘convey meaning within symbols” which I display. Do you understand what I want to say?