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The Word, Portmanteau

Portmanteau is a very interesting word.

A portmanteau is a type of folding suitcase. This is French word in which contains porter “to carry” and manteau “mantle”.  This is one word that literally carries its own meaning.

It is also a linguistic term for words that is blended from 2 words also known as a “blend”. Many of our blend words we used to today are cleverly created to describe something. Such as  “brunch” which is ‘breakfast + lunch’ together, “liger” is a cross-breed of a ‘lion + tiger’ and “motel” is a ‘motor + hotel’ or another word for ‘motor inn’.

Ironically, portmanteau is also a blend word which was formed over centuries ago. Words like portmanteau is like a time capsule to our present. Many of these unique words has more than just it’s meaning. It had been in a certain place and time to be from until it presents itself like a luggage you bring elsewhere.

Many words do carry and can travel whether if it’s heard, said or written. As long as anyone can remark it and remember it. It carried its own message into my writing.

Perhaps one day, these amusing little discoveries that comes along to each of our journey can be more than just words. Whatever it is, it will erect its wonder.

I do think it will because my letters are little portmanteaus in paper within an envelope on a voyage to destinations and waiting to be opened. Would be a Pandora’s Box? Or maybe an awaited gift of wisdom.