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The Word, Nice

I personally tend not to use the word, nice. But then, this is a perfect word I will use to be either sarcastic or be “nice” about it.

Although this word is the most common and positive adjective to describe something or someone, this would surprise you. In case you didn’t notice, the Old French and Old English word “nice” actually means “foolish or stupid”. The word came from the Latin word, nescius which the literal meaning was “not know” which also indicates the meaning of “being ignorant”.

Nice is a perfect example of how a presently positive meaning was then had a negative connotation. Somehow over the past two or three century or so, this meaning has been completely shifted.

Look Merriam-Webster Dictionary or the Dictionary Reference to see for yourself.

I wonder how many people use “nice“. This intrigues me whether if the person thinks about what he or she says…